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Despite changes over time, industrial activity always has been and still remains one of the mainstays of the Maskoutain economy.

Nearly 40 years ago, it was given a kick-start when the community’s economically active population decided to make industrial growth the focus of their economic efforts by launching an industrial development corporation. New avenues were explored that would showcase the region’s numerous advantages, particularly in terms of the agri-food industry and the knowledge economy.

The resulting industrial growth intensified as of 1998, with the advent of the Centre local de développement and since 2015 of Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole.

The entire Saint-Hyacinthe territory boasts nearly 14,000 manufacturing jobs in some 400 companies operating in a number of sectors: agri-food, furniture and wood, textiles, plastics and various other types of product manufacturing, not to mention laboratories and research centres.

The first Technopole agroalimentaire in Canada, Saint-Hyacinthe earned government recognition as a Cité de la biotechnologie agroalimentaire, vétérinaire et agroenvironnementale. This knowledge and high-tech economy takes various forms in the areas of both research and production, further strengthening the new orientation adopted a few years earlier.

Both the City and the region are poised to meet the challenges ahead.